Buys – April 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of April:

JPM 10 0.44 $1.47 $4.40 $17.60 J,A,J,O
KO 14 0.35 $1.63 $4.90 $19.60 J,A,J,O
AAPL 5 0.57 $0.95 $2.85 $11.40 F,M,A,N
T 10 0.48 $1.60 $4.80 $19.20 F,M,A,N
WWE 25 0.12 $1.00 $3.00 $12.00 M,J,S,D
ED 6 0.67 $1.34 $4.02 $16.08 M,J,S,D
PSEC 60 0.249 $4.98 $14.94 $59.76 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL   $12.97 $38.91 $155.64

I bought JPM because I have used CHASE for my personal banking since I was a teen.

I bought KO because it’s known as a safe dividend investment and I personally love the beverages with a burger or pizza.

I bought AAPL because I have used their electronics for over a decade.

I bought T because its a dividend aristocrat and those AAPL phones need data.

I bought WWE because I grew up watching professional wrestling and I am a nerd at heart.

I bought ED because when I eventually have the funds to move out, it can pay my utility bills.

I bought PSEC because it’s a high yield monthly dividend payout with a positive eps and decent p/e ratio.

Most of these companies have steady + cash flow, WWE is a little riskier in my opinion, but I believe the company still has growth in its future since starting its VOD service. PSEC is risky as well because of the nature of the dividend payments (monthly).

So far so good! Making an avg. 12$ a month 38$ a quarter & 155$ annually off these great companies =). Not much to go nuts about, but this will grow overtime. I AM DRIPPING EVERYTHING! Not a penny will be given to me, it will all be reinvested back into the machine. I want to see the power of compounding at work. Looking to purchase more in May.

Stay Tuned..

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