Buys – December 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of December:

GIS 7 0.48 $1.12 $3.36 $13.44 F,M,A,N
PG 6 0.6695 $1.34 $4.02 $16.07 F,M,A,N
PSEC 112 0.25 $9.33 $27.99 $111.96 ALL
O 9 0.61 $1.82 $5.47 $21.87 ALL
LTC 5 0.57 $0.95 $2.85 $11.40 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $14.56 $43.68 $174.73

Dollar cost averaging and accumulating shares at decent levels. This month went a little over my investing budget, but I wanted to finish strong. Saving some ammo for now, market wants to continue trending upwards it seems. Also have quite a big balance in CC bills from gifts and other necessities that I always clean up at the end of the month. This month has been over budget on all financial categories lol. For good causes is what I always say. All my costs have purpose. I do not indulge in any transaction that isn’t meaningful in my or my family and friends lives. It must have purpose. Assets, liabilities, expenses. Whatever it may be! People sometimes mindlessly buy things for the sake of. Protecting the fort was always key to survival in Warcraft and so it is so in real life.

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