Buys – January 2017

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of January:

KO 21 0.35 $2.45 $7.35 $29.40 J,A,J,O
ED 3 0.69 $0.69 $2.07 $8.28 M,J,S,D
UL 15 0.35 $1.77 $5.32 $21.28 M,J,S,D
LTC 10 0.57 $1.90 $5.70 $22.80 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $3.67 $11.02 $44.08

All of these companies in my opinion experienced their own bear markets during the month of January. I decided to accumulate more of these winners because of that. Dollar cost averaging below your average cost is a powerful thing. It’s basically fighting against the current of the bear. Eventually time will turn in favor of the bull.

That’s it folks. Work, earn, save AMAP (as much as possible) and invest that difference intelligently. It’s a simple formula that works over the long haul. Millionaires are being created everyday. Mediocrity is being created everyday. Let’s continue fighting the good fight to be financially free!

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