Buys – June 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of June:

GE 7 0.23 $0.54 $1.61 $6.44 J,A,J,O
ABBV 3 0.57 $0.57 $1.71 $6.84 F,M,A,N
AAPL 4 0.57 $0.76 $2.28 $9.12 F,M,A,N
UL 5 0.3648 $0.61 $1.82 $7.30 M,J,S,D
WFC 5 0.38 $0.63 $1.90 $7.60 M,J,S,D
PSEC 45 0.2499 $3.75 $11.25 $44.98 ALL
LTC 4 0.54 $0.72 $2.16 $8.64 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $7.58 $22.73 $90.92

I bought GE because I see the appliances everywhere from my work sites pantry to my parents kitchen.

I bought ABBV because its a well known divvy payer. I see Humira commercials on TV as well.

I bought more AAPL.

I bought UL because I use a lot of their brands.

I bought WFC because it’s most likely where I’ll be going for my mortgage when I decide to move. I pay them interest on the loan, why not pay me a dividend to offset, right?

I bought more PSEC.

I bought LTC because I wanted one more monthly payer and this one has a decent P/E Ratio (25x) and a positive EPS. Always cautious on the monthly payers because of the nature, they will be on close watch.

Well, there you have it folks! I am all expended for the month. I am now getting paid 7x/month consistently with the machine! April, it was 3x. May, it was 5x. Now coming to the end of June, it’s 7x!

Going to take it easy (said the same thing in May lol) and rebuild my cash position for now.

How do I save? Simple. Be simple. Be formless. Be transactionless (not a real word). Stay consistent with your daily activities. Be accountable. Know what’s going in and out like the breaths we take everyday. We all are one big DEBIT and CREDIT in the business world.

Ok, enough philosophy, back to the #’s. With these additions I am now adding 11$ to my monthly income, 34$ to my quarterly income & 137$ to my annual passive income. Incredible. Obviously, these will not set me free, but I can feel the change. Every bit of working capital counts. Let’s see what July brings. Woot woot!


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