Buys – May 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of May:

CSCO 20 0.26 $1.73 $5.20 $20.80 J,A,J,O
CAT 6 0.77 $1.54 $4.62 $18.48 F,M,A,N
MSFT 10 0.36 $1.20 $3.60 $14.40 M,J,S,D
O 9 0.597 $1.79 $5.37 $21.49 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $6.26 $18.79 $75.17

I bought CSCO because that is the company my work phone uses.

I bought CAT because I see the trucks all over the place.

I bought MSFT because I am currently on a Windows 8 platform.

I bought O because it’s a safe and reliable monthly dividend IMO.

There you have it folks. I am now getting paid 5x/month consistently with the machine! 5 freakin paychecks.. Unreal. It’s coming together and I am starting to feel the impact. Small, but definitely a confidence booster. These additions add 6$ to my monthly 19$ to my quarterly and 75$ to my annually. I am all expended. Used up a solid portion of my savings for these purchases. Have to save a little cash so next month won’t be as active.. Let’s see what June brings. Woot woot!

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