Buys – November 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of November:

KO 10 0.35 $1.17 $3.50 $14.00 J,A,J,O
GE 15 0.23 $1.15 $3.45 $13.80 J,A,J,O
MO 7 0.61 $1.42 $4.27 $17.08 J,A,J,O
PSEC 82 0.25 $6.83 $20.49 $81.97 ALL
O 7 0.61 $1.41 $4.24 $16.97 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $11.98 $35.95 $143.82

Still working hard & enjoying life. Like I said in this post, I am dollar cost averaging JAJO positions during the FMAN periods. As I said in my last post, it felt great thinking of the unbelievable future we have ahead. It’s a great time to be alive. Things are so easy to do nowadays. I am consistently grateful for the position I am in. I do have days where I slip up, but overall the trend is towards the positive. This wasn’t the case in prior years. I was really in a bad place. Seeing bad things. Doing bad all the time. It’s humbling knowing the hard work really does pay off. All you have to do is WORK HARD & INVEST SOME OF YOUR EARNINGS! Titles, salaries, degrees.. Meaningless if not financially stable for self and family. A janitor consistently putting his earnings into productive assets versus a doctor who drives a Porsche to his job & McMansion. The career doesn’t matter! The financial habits do!

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  1. Great post. You are right about things becoming easier to do these days mainly due to technology upgrading rather quickly in this modern time. You have found a nice balance and it’s great that you are sharing it with your blog. As you said, the trend is towards the positive and that is refreshing to read. As always, your head is in the right place financially and your dividends definitely do the talking as they grow. Keep on keeping on.

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