Buys – October 2016

Hello World,

These were my buys for the month of October:

ED 4 0.67 $0.89 $2.68 $10.72 M,J,S,D
MMM 3 1.11 $1.11 $3.33 $13.32 M,J,S,D
WFC 8 0.38 $1.01 $3.04 $12.16 M,J,S,D
LTC 6 0.57 $1.14 $3.42 $13.68 ALL
      MO QTR ANN
TOTAL     $4.16 $12.47 $49.88

As I said in August, I am making purchases of MJSD positions during the JAJO quarter, JAJO positions during the FMAN quarter & finally FMAN positions during the MJSD quarter. Added about 50$ in annual income to my portfolio & that’s without the DRIP being factored into the equation. This is so I capture all the EX-divvy dates and ensure the income stream continues to rise.

Nothing really left to say besides I am still hard at work doing what I enjoy; which is Dividend Growth Investing. Buying assets like how I viewed comic books when I was a child; which is to analyze the value of ownership. This journey is years into the future. To have that much faith that all will go well is where the risk comes into play. Will things be peachy keen for the next 15 years? Who knows. What I do know is that buying assets that produce stable income is a gift on this planet. It’s truly something out of the Twilight Zone, especially for most people who have know idea about this. It’s magical to say the least. Won’t stop, can’t stop!

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