Dividend Income – December 2016

Hello World,

Happy 2017 all! This was my dividend income for the month of December.

LTC $1.92
WFC $4.95
INTC $1.82
SBUX $0.75
UL $1.79
MSFT $3.95
MMM $5.55
ED $6.77
O $3.27
KO $10.60
PSEC $28.35
WWE $3.04
TOTAL $72.76

What a year 2016 was. Full of growth and positive change. It came with a lot of hustle, but overall it was a very strong year personally for me. I started the machine in April, got my first dividends of the year in May and after months of heavy accumulation from a high savings rate, I am now reaching the point of earning 3 figure average monthly income! KO & SBUX boosted this month a bit, they both had different payout timing than how I had originally mapped it out which brings me to the theme for this post.

My 2016 year end dividend income was : $301.47

I continue moving forward in the year with hopes to continue this momentum. One of the main things I learned in 2016 actually comes from a proverb:

“Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.”

Not to be a Negative Nick or a Realist Rick, but as usual, I do not anticipate that everything will go as smoothly as it has been. Anything can happen. I can lose my job tomorrow which in turn will reduce my monthly income short term.

This in turn lowers my investing power which of course lowers potential income. The income I make from work and living at home giving my parents a fixed amount each month has given me a huge competitive advantage over many folks which is why I am blessed yet also extremely cognizant of the fact that it can go away in seconds.

All I am trying to say is anything can happen. I do not expect things to pan out exactly as I envision. It would be unbelievable if all of our visions became a reality. Imagine that? Imagine everyone’s deepest passions coming to life?? World would so chaotic!

This is why a process / system must be put into place before the life begins. A baby is born in 9 months not 9 minutes. It’s all a process at the end of the day. Whether getting in awesome physical shape, or becoming financially independent, you need a ever consistent process to be put into place.

Anyways, enough rambling! Happy 2017 to my readers! Everything is in the DRIP; LTC dividend reinvestment gave me 4.3% of 1 share, WFC gave me 9.3% of 1 share, INTC gave me 5.3% of 1 share, SBUX gave me 1.3% of 1 share, UL gave me 7.2% of 1 share, MSFT gave me 6.4% of 1 share, MMM gave me 3.1% of 1 share, ED gave me 9.3% of 1 share, O gave me 5.9% of 1 share, KO gave me 25.5% of 1 share, PSEC gave me 3 free shares & 36.2% of 1 share & finally WWE gave me 16.4% of 1 share. Not bad at all. The snowball continues to roll, starting to get free shares, now my dividend portfolio is looking better than ever. Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait for what January will bring!

4 thoughts on “Dividend Income – December 2016”

  1. Congrats on finishing your first year of dividend investing. I love watching those monthly totals grow. It doesn’t take long. I started a little over 2-years ago and I average about $600 a month in 2016. I hope your 2017 is fully of dividends and happy memories.

  2. Looks like you put up some great figures for the month of December with a handful of names in common with my recent totals. I see you have a couple names that are on my watch list that I might add to my portfolio one day. SUBX and LTC. We’ll see how the year goes. For now I think I am focused on the consumer staples more so. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks DivHut! Still working, saving and investing that savings. Market can keep going up as they have been or fall into recession for months or even years, I will continue building the base. Thanks for stopping by!

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