Dividend Income – June 2016

Hello World,

This was my dividend income for the month of June.

MSFT $3.60
ED $4.02
O $1.79
PSEC $5.06
WWE $3.00
TOTAL $17.47

$17.47..  That’s getting close to 1 day of commuting costs! Paid for, by my portfolio. Incredible. This is really starting to relish as life carries on. Only two months in, and I am already feeling the positives. I wish I can always buy =( lol. Just got to stay diligent & vigilant, work hard, be smart and increase the savings rate so I can have more to deploy (and of course a little for me to enjoy).

O increased their dividend from .199/month to .1995/month.

Everything is in the DRIP; MSFT gave me 7% of 1 share, ED gave me 5.1% of 1 share, O gave me 2.8% of 1 share, PSEC gave me 64.6% of 1 share, WWE gave me 16.9% of 1 share. Not bad at all. Snowball is taking effect, starting to get free shares, now my dividend portfolio is looking better than ever. Can’t wait for what July will bring!

13 thoughts on “Dividend Income – June 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income update with us. As you said, it’s almost the cost of a commuter trip. That’s exactly the same way I look at my dividends… what can my current income currently cover? Looks like we have ED in common for the month. Also, never saw WWE in any other dividend portfolio before. Look forward to your next update.

    1. DivHut thank you for stopping by again! Yes, I am slowly trying to get to the point where all my holdings will cover some type of expense in the future. Example with ED would be for the div to pay my electric bill. WWE could be for my Netflix/WWE Network subscription. O could be for my mortgage. WFC could be for my interest on my mortgage. Etc. Etc. Pushing for the stars man! Thank you again DivHut. You are one of my big motivators.

  2. That ain’t bad at all, although I gotta ask why your commute is $17/day??? Any way you can bring that down, cuz that sounds like over $4k/year you could be deploying to investments instead!

    1. MrSLM,

      Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, NY seems to have it’s own exchange rate lol everything so damn pricey. The only way I can bring it down would be if I move closer to NYC (where my work is) when I move out of my parents nest this year. Pushing everyday brother. Any free cash will go straight to work that’s for sure. No time for sitting around. TIME IN the market is better than TIMING the market IMHO.

      1. Ah that makes sense! I’m guessing by moving closer though, your cost of living would shoot up dramatically. What industry do you work in?

        1. Hey MrSLM,

          Accounting. And yes unfortunately the cost would shoot up, but I feel it’s time I make a move out of the parents nest. I see a lot of people in my age group (25-30) still living with their parents and what’s ironic is they still cannot save lol. In this world it’s give and take, so yes you’re definitely right my cost of living would shoot up drastically but the freedoms that come along with living on my own would be wonderful in my eyes. Thank you so much again for stopping by and best of luck on your journey. I will be following your every step towards financial independence. We got this!

          1. Can’t put a price on freedom 🙂 And yeah I have NO idea how someone both lives with their parents and yet can’t save.

  3. I like the idea of looking at my dividend income as something that could subsidize one of my costs. I look at it as an hourly wage myself – what is my portfolio earning me in the real world!

    1. timeinthemarket,

      YES, totally agree with your last sentence! In my opinion, TIME IN the market is better than TIMING the market (your name says it all). Ultimate goal is to have my holdings cover a specific expense moreover to have holdings that are applicable to my own life. Example with ED would be for the dividend to cover my electric bill, T to cover my phone bill, AAPL to cover my electronics, etc, etc. Pushing everyday brother. Pushing every damn day. All the best.

  4. Great dividend income considering that you only started investing a few months ago. Enjoy the time while living with your parents as your saving rate is maximized. You could do easily achieve 60% saving rate. Once you move out it will be hard to even save 30%. Great blog. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks German! So true man, fortunately the parents give me a lot of leeway for helping them out considerably in the last 2 years. Thanks for the kind words brother! I will most certainty continue building up this portfolio no matter what pace it may be. Fast or slow I won’t stop!

    1. Hey IH,

      Wow man, that is exactly what mine is! 21$/day bus commute. 23 business days/month. bout 480$/month lol my yield is roughly 4.6% so I would need about 125,000$ to make up for that alone. Boy do those expenses really add up compared to income for most laborers. 100 expenses, 1 income. And now we can see why most people are not in good financial shape lol. Like eating 100 burgers, doing 1 workout lol.

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