Dividend Income – May 2016

Hello World,

I started the machine in April, so I did not get any payouts then. This was my dividend income for the month of May.

T $4.80
AAPL $2.85
PSEC $5.00
TOTAL $12.65

As I have said in a prior post, the dividends are all in the DRIP. I usually post my dividend income around the 5th of every new month, but the true beauty of this strategy is the fact that I know the exact amount coming in, rather than timing the market. So I thought, what the heck let me post this now!

12.65$.. That’s close to 1 day of commuting costs for me! Paid for.. Amazing, without even lifting a finger. Supporting great companies that pay back their supporters. I use them, they use me. Love the eco system.

JPM increased their dividend from .44/quarter to .48/quarter.
AAPL increased their dividend from .54/quarter to .57/quarter.

T gave me 12.4% of 1 share, AAPL’s dividend gave me 3.1% of 1 share & PSEC gave me 67% of 1 share. Not bad at all. Snowball is taking effect, starting to get free shares, now my dividend portfolio is looking better than ever. Can’t wait for what June will bring!

2 thoughts on “Dividend Income – May 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income update with us. Glad to have found your blog. I always love reading about other dividend investors and seeing where they deploy their cash. Like you, I reinvest all my dividends automatically. It helps to compound returns. Look forward to more updates.

    1. DivHut,

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, for now, I will keep everything in the DRIP and let the port grow organically. I like to keep a safe buffer of cash with me at ALL times to prevent from ever having to exit the DRIP.

      Fun fact: “In low growth periods, such as the 1940s and 1970s, dividends accounted for over 75% of total returns”.

      Just goes to show the power of the DIV. Let’s keep pushing DivHut, it’s tough in todays fast paced world to do what we’re doing, but this is meant to be a long and beautiful journey.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


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