Dividend Income – October 2016

Hello World,

This was my dividend income for the month of October.

LTC $0.73
KO $7.04
MO $1.83
MDLZ $0.95
O $1.84
PSEC $21.07
GE $4.60
CSCO $5.24
JPM $4.84
TOTAL $48.14

This is definitely my favorite post. $48.14 is a record high for me this year since starting this machine. I am slowly but surely reaching newer and newer highs. I am still working my tail off and keeping my head in the right direction. Staying humble. Still in search for the condo =).

It’s a blessing to know that my hard earned dollars are naturally producing pennies that naturally produce sub pennies and beyond. Todays consumer (us..) can safely and effectively  purchase everyday products owned or largely held by public companies that dish cash back to the investor in the form of dividends. Consumer spends, company retains, investor earns. It’s an amazing recycling system of our economy.

I work long hours on (or is it with?) purpose. One of course is for the overtime pay, but the main reason is to reduce my DISCRETIONARY TIME. Someone wise once said time is money and it is certainly true in that regards. I will continue saving my quality time for valuable occasions. I know a lot of people who over hang or over travel in search for constant memories, but the fire burns out after years of the passion. Sometimes even climbing Everest isn’t enough if something feels mentally and/or emotionally off. The feeling is all we have at the end of the day.

Anyways, enough rambling! Everything is in the DRIP; LTC gave me 1.4% of 1 share, KO gave me 16.8% of 1 share, MO gave me 2.9% of 1 share, MDLZ gave me 2.2% of 1 share, O gave me 2.9% of 1 share, PSEC gave me 2 free shares & 61.9% of 1 share, GE gave me 15.9% of 1 share, CSCO gave me 17.2% & finally JPM gave me 7.0% of 1 share. Not bad at all. The snowball continues to roll, starting to get free shares, now my dividend portfolio is looking better than ever. Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait for what October will bring!

8 thoughts on “Dividend Income – October 2016”

  1. As you stated, the snowball continues to roll. No doubt, as it’s evidenced by those nice dividend increases and re-investments that help that compounding move further along. I’m still considering LTC for my own portfolio. There are other REITs too that I might add one day like STAG, APLE. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LTC actually increased their dividend recently from .18 to .19/share. Seems like every month one of the holdings in the machine gets an increase. SBUX recently increased their dividend from .20 to .25. Raise after raise despite these volatile times.

  2. Oooooh nice congrats on the new high! 😀 I always feel on top of the world when that happens, even though they’ll happen every other month haha.

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