Dividend Income – September 2016

Hello World,

This was my dividend income for the month of September.

LTC $0.73
WFC $1.90
UL $1.77
MSFT $3.63
ED $4.05
O $1.83
PSEC $20.86
WWE $3.02
TOTAL $37.79

$37.79..  Slightly lower than last months income, but nevertheless the trend is upwards. My portfolio officially returned over $100 in capital since I first started in April! $100 I never had to work for. Absolutely incredible in my eyes. Most people would think it’s chump change, but I think otherwise.

This journey is a culmination of every trial and error that I have had in the markets. I started investing in 2013. I knew what was the right way of investing from the get go, but I was thrown off by the talking heads. Buy & Hold great companies. I had MMM & MSFT in 2013. The low capital and even lower dividend income made me want to seek higher returns elsewhere. I dabbled with pink sheets and penny stocks and to no avail I failed. Those were small losses (1-2K). 2014 I started investing in WWE (the media company I mentioned in the ABOUT ME section) and put 50% of my paycheck into it every 2 weeks. The investment grew to $30,000 by 2015. The dividends were $300 a QUARTER. I knew I had something special, but again I lost track. I sold for a decent gain and started day trading. I won big, lost bigger. By end of 2015 I was completely wiped out. Account got blown up. My parents were struggling financially as well. I gave up most of my savings and was left with my 401-K which I couldn’t even touch. In April 2016, I decided to start this web site after seeing many dividend growth blogs track their progress. From that point forward, I knew what I wanted. I was hooked on the concept of having my portfolio supplement and eventually replace my working (sweat) income. Here we are today.

The machine is complete. Now it’s a matter of buying during corrections.

Everything is in the DRIP; LTC gave me 1.4% of 1 share, WFC gave me 3.8% of 1 share, UL gave me 3.6% of 1 share, MSFT gave me 6.4% of 1 share, ED gave me 5.4% of 1 share, O gave me 2.8% of 1 share, PSEC gave me 2 free shares & 52.4% of 1 share & finally WWE gave me 14.7% of 1 share. Not bad at all. The snowball continues to roll, starting to get free shares, now my dividend portfolio is looking better than ever. Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait for what October will bring!

8 thoughts on “Dividend Income – September 2016”

    1. So awesome to get free shares. It literally does the work. & yes, it seriously does IH. Time continue to tick and so do these tickers. While it ticks, might as well constantly build future value, right? The beauty of these type of investments is you can let it ride for years and not break a sweat.

  1. Everything is adding up nicely for you. You’re doing a great job. $100 in capital since April… That’s awesome. Keep it up brother.


    1. Thank you Brian! Appreciate your comment and yes time is moving very fast these days, can’t believe it’s already October. Got to continue staying strong and building this machine to it’s fullest potential. Will take decades, but I am willing to sacrifice.

  2. Can’t really compare it to last month since most companies pay out every 3. Compared to June though, you’re rocking it with over DOUBLE the income.

    1. MrSLM so true. I sometimes get ahead of myself. Constantly on the move. You are definitely right, compared to the MJSD quarterly cycle, June vs. September was close to 100% gain in income. Moving fast here, I am contributing 1-1.5K in fresh capital a month. As long as I stay disciplined; put 1/3 of income in savings, 1/3 for bills & 1/3 for investing, I should do fine in the long run. The balance is key. If I kept throwing all my paychecks into the machine, I know I would be drained. It’s nice to be well blended. Also having a long term outlook; focusing on the future while simultaneously living in the present is key. Patience is our pay chance!

  3. Congrats on cracking $100 in dividends returned since you started on this journey. Before you know it you’ll be bringing in $100 every month and more. LTC is a name I have long considered but still not in my portfolio. Of all the REITs I like the health sector the best. Nice list of companies paying you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you DivHut! Yes, slowly but surely, the income produced by the portfolio will continue to increase as I add fresh capital from my labor and the monthly dividends that are produced get instantly reinvested right back into the machine. Up, down or sideways, I can careless where the market heads. I am looking 15-20 years into the future. As long as I have enough liquidity to live a modest life, I am all smiles.

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