Which path will I choose?

Finally made it to the blog world! This will be my outlet. Let’s plug in.

I come from a working class family; 1st generation American is what I am. My parents came from a different country, migrated here, worked hard together, saved diligently, started a small restaurant and it’s been striving ever since.

Which brings me back to this blog and what it’s all about. It’s about the above.. My family. They work, and I mean.. WORK! For 30 years, my parents have successfully raised 4 boys in a middle class neighborhood by owning, literally.. A mom and pop business. They are the epitome of hard work. Consistently at the shop putting in their hours & paying their dues. Which again brings me back to this blog and what it’s all about.

This blog is my hustle..

I am an Accountant; graduated with an accounting degree.
I work at a firm earning $50,000.00 annum.


-Best friend passes away from a drug overdose : 10
-Close friends & parents need a helping hand (-$20k, large % of my cash savings from 1st year of career) : 11-13
-Started investing (+$18k) in stock market : 13-14
-Lost it all (-$17k) day trading & helping parents again (-$10K), another close friend passes away from a heroin overdose : 15

My parents & friends are financially stable, my 2 best friends are in my heart forever, I was a fool for fast money, now I am in the hole. I finally paid back all my personal debts, I am literally at SQUARE 1 or to be more accurate SQUARE 0. 26 years of age. Barely any assets, no liabilities, barely any equity. Thankful for my retirement account my work provides, otherwise I would have nothing. Net worth: ZIP!

Welcome to, a personal finance blog where I document my progress to either becoming a millionaire or settling for mediocrity. See the about me section for more detail on who I am and why I ultimately started this website.

Enjoy and follow me on my path..

I refuse to lose.


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