Life – August 2016

Hello World,

Happy Sunday! Here we are again, in the middle of August, almost September already.. What the heck?! Winding down the year, an amazingly fast year at that. Want to stop by and give you readers a brief update on life.

I got promoted to Financial Analyst with a nice pay bump in salary! So in 4 short years, I started as a Junior and now I am an Analyst. Buy & Hold applies to even your job. That’s why they call it a POSITION! I held my position, where ME being the asset performed beyond expectations and now the market (employer) is rewarding me. I collect my dividends (5% employer match) every quarter (FMAN =)) and continue to hold onto my position at the firm. Amazing no one thinks like this when they work at their job.

This month has been a rather slow one in terms of buys. Still looking and saving for a condo. Been low balling way to much and I was outbid on 3 units so far. Reminds me of the stock market. You can set a limit order, but the current market’s price action can be totally different from your belief on the value of the equity at that given time.

I need to save more so I can be more confident in buying a unit for the long term. Only reason I am so reluctant on slapping the asking price on these units is because I feel the real estate market is reaching highs like everything else so that’s why I seek a deep discount when putting in an offer. So far, no luck.

Speaking of highs, the stock market continues to trail up. Very tough to buy, but everyday I look at the price action of my portfolio or prospective picks and make a decision based on short term price drops. So far I am up on almost every position at heavy margins. Sucks to think that I came into this with the intent to collect divs and never touch the principal, but to see some of my positions at 15-25% gains at such a short amount of time makes me think to take some off the table. But I must stick to my principal, which is to never touch it. To continue reinvesting the dividends and not fret about the cap gains right now.

I continue to strive and push for greater days although it doesn’t appear I am getting anywhere. Same Toyota Corolla, same clothes, same shoes, same routine, same, same, same. People who know me but don’t talk to me probably think I am going nowhere. Like my life is already set where it needs to be and there is no more room for growth. They do not know about this web site, my dividend portfolio, my recent promotion, my career performance, my strong relationships with my closest friends & family, etc,etc. Life is good although it appears I am in the same position as I was years back.

As life continues to pan out, I sit here in awe at how fast things move in todays world. People today can’t sit still and FOCUS. For instance, this new Pokémon Go game. It was so popular in July, and now what? People have seemed to move on.

This is similar to how I view peoples take on the stock market or any asset for that matter, including your job. They sit for a few months, things are starting to roll smoothly, and then they get bored and move to a new venture. It’s a cycle of nothingness. I want to be different from my age group. The people above me at my firm always tell me I am very different than most millennials. Most millennials are seeking their passion, but the passion burns out. Most millennials are looking for an executive suite corner office jumping from job to job not realizing that there is no set goal being achieved.

The American Dream is not dead. The American Vision is.

A lot of folks can’t stay on a project for more than a few months. I was guilty of this when I was investing in the media company in 15. Dollar cost averaging almost flawlessly. Dividends kept growing as well as the value of the position. I got bored. I was seeking a thrill. I jumped into day trading looking for fast profits and got canned. That’s when I learned to keep the investments boring and life fun; not the other way around. Almost like anything else in this life, the passion is a fire that loses its flame over time. Keep the water flowing.

Anyways, enough rambling. Would like to thank all of the DGI blogs that are following my journey. DGI community is unbelievably supportive. I hope that all of your visions come to fruition so you and your families can live a greater life. The sacrifice now will pay off in the future. SACRIFICE is key. I hope you all crush your goals and continue setting new ones. Let’s continue to work hard, be financially responsible & invest for our futures.

Keep pushing,


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