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Hello World,

Happy Sunday! Here we are, middle of July, already half way through the year. Time man, what the heck?! Wanted to stop in and say to my readers that all is going well; my parents and siblings are strong as ever which to me is where the ‘well’th truly begins. I am doing great; work is a blessing and I am grateful for my position with the company every day.

Want to thank my fellow DGI’ers for supporting me. I am grateful to even have readers on this blog. Did this strictly to account for my journey as I am still beginning. To pretend like there’s an audience out there watching me go through this and I have to perform well from the get go haha.

I love my work. From 22, I have enjoyed being an accountant. I definitely would be better off if I can make a dollar for every time I have heard the phrase “accounting is boring”. Fortunately, accounting is a huge piece to the investing puzzle and reading financials is wonderful because you get a much better sense as to how companies which should be shaping our world are performing.

I was thinking the other day, educated or uneducated, why so many people my age (26) and below aren’t working their asses off? Everyone seems to be afraid to truly work with all this violence shown on TV mixed with the mass influx of social media usage. They seem to think it’s pointless because “any day can be your last day“. The you only live once crowd. Today, people want to make money painless to avoid the real hustle but that’s not how it works (literally). I see it everywhere; those whom appear to have financial wealth, but don’t even know what an investment is. The good looks and generational (passed-d0wn) wealth can’t last forever unless taught how to save and invest for the future. It entropies like everything else.

Speaking of investing, markets have been going up, up and away lately. Pretty wild writing this the same moment as when markets are around all time highs. Interesting life though ahead of us I must say. This world to me will be a better place in the future & not so gloomy like others are led to believe. Pleasure comes from pain and vice versa. Can’t have one without the other. A lot of violence will spawn a lot of peace in our future in my eyes.

As a contrarian, I hope markets drop (someday) so I can deploy more cash at a decent value to continue the journey. Fundamental investing should accommodate some technical analysis IMO. Need both like a ying yang as I was saying before. That is why I haven’t purchased many stocks this month. The growth from this month is more organic which is cool to see.

I am slowly getting back into old financial shape. It’s nice to finally reach 1% (10,000.00) of a million in my port lol. Got another 99% to go. To think; if the port was valued at a 1,000,000.00 generating a 5% yield curve, it would bring in my current salary for the rest of my life at a more favorable tax rate. This amazing energy I have now at 26 won’t last forever as I continue to age. Fortunately though, if maintained properly, the port can inversely live a lot longer than me and work way more harder as it ages (compound interest?). As long as the world continues to grow with more educated people using the products and services of these companies, the more advanced our growing population will become, the more business will be developed; which could potentially pay us DGI folks well into the future and ultimately our futures future.

Thanks again for stopping by if your reading. This July has been a relaxing one thus far. At this time last year I was in a chaotic state. Glad to be back and better than ever. There is hope out there folks. You have to use your energy now to empower you and your environment. This energy as a young man is undeniable and I will not take it for granted. Use that energy to your fullest now, don’t wait for it to come later.

Work is a blessing.

Keep pushing,


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