Life – June 2016

Hello World,

This will be my first LIFE post. I will post one every middle of the new month.

Throughout this journey of creating passive income through collecting dividend payers, one must reflect to ensure that there is no steering away from the ultimate goal. Everybody’s situations vary no matter what their environment may be. That is why I never judge a book by it’s cover. There can be someone in the projects or boondocks with more personal stability than someone living in the suburbs. I’ve seen a lot of suburbanites including some of my best friends fall into depression, drug abuse, violence, etc..

My situation happened to be “do everything right for everything wrong to happen”. College educated, hard worker, diligent saver, overall good hearted person. It was not enough. Throughout the journey, I lost two of my best friends to drug overdoses. They were unfortunately the reality check I needed to change and realize there is a better life outside of just partying.. Over $20,000.00 in personal net worth wiped away to help my friends and family. Two of my best friends who should be alive today went down the wrong road and are now gone.

When I have kids of my own, I promise myself to never to put my child under any financial or emotional duress. I want to teach my kid young on how to work efficiently where jobs do not have to be stress/slave like, to save a large portion of their earnings, to invest intelligently to build their own net worth and live a great life. There is a method to this madness and the average blue collar working class citizen can break the chains of the 9-5 loop as long as they stay consistent and efficient on their day to day activities. My child and I will be financially independent so our family bond can remain strong, not the other way around. I will of course help when necessary, but only when necessary. That I promise myself.

I am lucky to have my health. Without my health, I would not be able to achieve any wealth. I would not be able to get up every morning, stretch, take my spoon of grape seed oil, make my coffee, head out to my bus portal and travel an hour to get to my job site. It would not be possible without sufficient health. That is one thing I am absolutely grateful for.


At my job, at the top of the hour, I close my office door and do 50 pushups. So from 10, 11 & 12 I knock out 150 pushups. I take lunch from 1-2 then proceed to do pushups from 2, 3, 4 & 5 with 5 O’clock being my 100 pushup set. By the end of the day, I do 400 pushups total! I look at it as buying 400 shares of a dividend payer. Overtime, as I keep persisting, no matter what bumps (food/stress) are down the road (plate/situations), the pushups pay me health dividends and keep me in top physical condition. My physical helps my mental and vice versa.

Without my health, I would not be able to help my parents get out of their debts. My parents are doing great now thank God. I am slowly but surely breaking even from all the post tax cash I gave them. It’s not easy no matter what salary one may have. You can be making $150K/yr and still be in massive debt. I see it all throughout the office. I am the Junior out of all the Accountants at the firm, yet my mindset and personal finance strategies are much more Senior-like. They are all deep in student loan debt; I have none. They are deep in credit card debt; I have none. They are all deep in mortgage debt from buying their first homes @ $400-$500K; I have none. When I buy my 1st piece of property (condo) by year end, it will legitimately be a STARTER; $100K and below ASK so I can continue building wealth/equity and ultimately use the starter as another passive income tool. When I reach my million dollar milestone, or monthly dividend income of $8-$10K from the machine, I will then buy a well kept home for $250-$300K. That is the proper mindset to ensure a large margin of safety.

All in all, you can never judge a book by its cover. That person in the beamer could be dead broke or well off. That person in the beater can be dead broke or well off. Social Media posts can never be an indicator to someone’s well being as well. Someone can have 1000’s of likes/followers and still lack the abundance mindset. The person with no social media at all can be killing this game. We’ll never know. I do know one thing, personal finance is all personal so let’s keep it that way and once again not judge that book by its cover.

I wish all that are on this long journey the absolute best this beautiful world has to offer. For abundance in the family, the finances, the mind, the body & the spirit.

  • Let’s push to keep creating passive income through our dividend machines.
  • Let’s push to keep our debt levels low and our equity levels high.
  • Let’s continue loving those who are positive and letting go of those who are toxic.
  • Let’s keep fighting the good fight and slowly get out this race against ourselves.

Life is both long and short but moreover too precious to not follow those 4 bullet points. I had the choice after losing 2 of my best friends to drugs & 20+ thousand dollars to give up or continue pushing.. I chose to keep pushing because that always made me a stronger and wiser person. Let’s keep the faith and continuing building our personal finances.

Keep pushing,


4 thoughts on “Life – June 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing MM.
    Thanks for starting this blog. I will be following your journey.
    Let’s push ourselves to greater and greater heights. You’re gonna kill it with your mindset. Best wishes and I wish you tremendous success.
    Cheers bro.

    1. DH,
      Thank you for the comment! Coming from you, it’s certainty motivating. Thank you for following the journey especially as I am just beginning. Fantastic to have you push me. Can’t thank you enough man.

  2. MM,
    Reflections like this will keep you on track. While I hate my long commute, it has given me tons of time to reflect and ponder what I want from life. After 5+ years of daily reflections, my vision is crystal clear. Keep doing this kind of deep thinking and you’ll achieve everything you desire in life.

    1. RoseRelish,
      Thank you for the comment man! Thank you for stopping by. Couldn’t have came at a better time. I just got home and was on the bus thinking about your reply. How your div port started out feeding you a nice Big Mac to paying ordinary bills to eventually paying for your home!

      All I could think was.. “That could be me someday”.

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