Net Worth – April 2016

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth. Jan-Mar 16 I saved quite a bit due to getting my tax return, usual paychecks and annual bonus/raise. I was able to buy 7 positions, in such a way where I evenly get dividend payouts 3x a month! 3 extra paychecks a month.. What a blessing.. Albeit the payouts are still small. The machine is spitting out roughly 13$/month, 39$/quarter & 157$/year.

Anyways, here were my #’s for April 2016. No debts! All CC’s have been finally paid in full! I can feel a change happening already.

CHECKING $1,000.00
SAVING $6,000.00
BROKERAGE $3,439.23
401K $8,449.74
TOTAL $18,888.97

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