Net Worth – August 2016

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth. A little late this month posting, extremely busy the last few weeks. Enjoying the last bit of summer we have left so getting as much of the outdoor time is a necessity for me. The numbers continue to rise as I stay consistent with my day to day activities. Keep investments boring and life fun I once read.

August was a tough one, but an amazing one. I got my promotion and raise so learning my new roles on top of doing my old roles has doubled my work load. They interviewed and selected a fresh out of school graduate to start entry level for me to pass on my old work too. Hoping they hire him/her fast!!

Nothing really left to say, besides thank you for those who come by and read my journey. I am following a few divvy bloggers and they are who I aspire to be. Healthy wife, children, safe place to live, close family & friends, awesome hobbies (to me: Video Games!) & of course a portfolio of solid assets that work for us so we can have more time to cherish the formers. The simple things. The little things that make the big difference. That’s what matters to me. I want more time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Until then, I will work hard. No complaints; to continue building the nest egg for as long as I live.

Thank you.

Keep pushing,


CHECKING $693.09
SAVING $10,003.84
BROKERAGE $11,024.88
401K $6,202.45
TOTAL $27,924.26


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