Net Worth – January 2017

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth.

January is in the books. Working hard. Saving harder. Investing hardest. Simple as that. I am still putting a ton of capital to work, as I truly think time in the market is more important than timing the market. Overall, markets are moving up and creating support at record levels, which in turn is pushing the value of my portfolio higher. Can’t complain.

I will be out of a job in May or June of this year. The merger talks is actually in it’s late stages. The rumors were leaked online last week and now the discussions are moving further into fruition. In January, I had my offer accepted on a condo; I declined though because I felt something was not right. And I was totally right on this one. And what’s insane is, I just started to get the ball rolling too. Unbelievable how life surprises you with unexpected challenges. This brings me back to NEVER COUNTING THE CHICKENS BEFORE THE EGGS HATCH!

They are saying it can take 3-6 months so I am sticking it out until the ship has sunk or sailed. This leaves me ample time to save and invest a little more. I am thinking of taking a different leap in life. Rather than finding a job, I am thinking of starting a business which can really excel income/revenue generation (& more importantly make me much happier because it is my passion). Stay tuned for further update!

Here were my numbers for the first month of 2017.

CHECKING $837.26
SAVING $10,826.42
BROKERAGE $22,043.58
401K $8,975.18
TOTAL $42,682.44

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