Net Worth – July 2016

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth. With the usual bi-weekly paychecks, I was able to buy 2 new positions, in such a way where I now evenly get dividend payouts 8x a month! 8 extra paychecks a month.. What a blessing.. Albeit the payouts are still small. The machine with the new additions, adds to my old positions, and dividend reinvestments is now spitting out roughly 37$/month, 109$/quarter & 439$/year. 200% increase from the 13$/month, 39$/quarter & 139$/year when I first started. In only three short months, and between 1K-2K/month to invest with, progress is being made in such a great way. I can feel it!!

Since I started this journey, life feels more organized. It feels like I am finally in control, whereas before I was lost with no set path. I really believe in being on a healthy routine and sticking with it through the thick and thin. Being spontaneous is cool and all, but this life we live in was built through proper planning.

It’s tough at first cannot lie. The passive income route is not for the weak that is for sure. It is not for the impatient that is for sure. You watch the ups and downs of the market and you sit there and wait for your divvy check. I am yielding 4.55% with an estimated 10,000$ value, so 450$/year in dividends will be coming in for the rest of my life (as long as these companies remain). 450$ is just enough for 1 month of commuting costs. Not easy, but I know that growth comes with time and compounding.

I am still looking for a condo. I haven’t gone to heavy in the markets because A) They are already at all time highs & B) I am building up cash for the condo. I need a solid margin of safety after down payment and closing costs so I am not stressing when it’s time to finally move. I want to make it as seamless as possible. This is my first home and I have to ensure my finances are OK.

How do I save? Like I said, be as transactionless (not a real word) as possible unless absolutely need be.

I do not buy lunch at work. I fast until I get home. I drink the coffee the work provides in the morning and drink water throughout the day. I personally believe I do not deserve 3 meals every single day of my life. People in the USA are spoiled. They believe they need to buy lunch everyday due to “hunger”. We don’t know what hunger truly is. Our stomachs rumbling is not hunger. We have access to cheap & quality foods all around our area. Like I said, we are spoiled in this country and that is where most of our working capital & energy goes to during the day. I spent 10$/day on average for lunch for 4 years of my working career. 10,0000$ flushed down the toilet. I would’ve lived regardless if I skipped those meals. Our minds are much stronger than people think.

If you have a family, feed them, but do not feed them to much. People of all ages should learn to truly sacrifice. At the end of the day, American hunger & the 3 set meals are all in the head unless you are living in true poverty. Food slows me down. I work much better when I am “hungry”. My mind is empty. It is not distracted by my digestive system. I find it amusing when my co workers call me out for not getting lunch, but after lunch hour ends, they come to me saying they want to sleep while I am moving faster than before. It’s not about the amount of data, it’s the efficiency of the usage. Same goes for the mind & body.

If you are single take advantage of the transactionless life. Contrary to western belief, there are YOGI’s in the middle east who do not eat at all and live till 85 and beyond. Quality to. Happier than folks in the states who indulge in the act of eating.

If you are taken, well, it’s tough to tell a woman to not spend, that is one of the reasons why corporate America loves women in office environments, but try to make it work.

In the end, it’s all about YOU. YOU are competing against yourself. YOU are the only one who can make yourself happy first. YOU come here alone, YOU leave here alone.

Be transactionless unless need be.

Thanks for stopping by if you are reading.

Let’s see what August brings!

CHECKING $974.06
SAVING $9,003.35
BROKERAGE $10,046.92
401K $5,266.80
TOTAL $25,291.13

8 thoughts on “Net Worth – July 2016”

    1. IH,

      Thank you for stopping by! All I can afford is 2x 500-1,000$ positions, so roughly 1,000$-2,000$ in deployment depending on A) how “transactionless” I am during the month & B) what opportunities are around in this high market. My eyes are always on the HUNT.

  1. Wise beyond your years young man. A millionaire you shall be. We make our own luck, there are no quick schemes to be successful. By successful I mean happy, healthy and over time wealthy. I think your grand plan is something to be admired. Keep working hard, keep investing, keep saving and make your own luck.

    The old man from the bus

    1. Jon!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. You are one of the reasons why I started this blog. Your stories of some of your clients; whom never earned above 6 figures, who sacrificed, saved diligently, dollar cost averaged through the swings of the market while reinvesting their interest & dividends grew their wealth to beyond average heights made me think of when I first started investing and how successful that methodology actually was. It’s Aesop’s Fable of the tortoise and the hare. Slow & steady will win this race. The compounding is going to be intense in the future. Cannot wait for the point of CRITICAL MASS! Thank you for stopping by brother, please come back again as I am only beginning. Your wisdom of experience is one of my inspirations.

      Thanks again!

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