Net Worth – November 2016

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving full of food and love. Nothing more valuable than that (dividend income comes a close 2nd =]).

I am still grinding away. December is already moving, 2016 is coming an end and 2017 is coming close. Being as humble as possible. November was definitely a month full of work and play. Market went bullish with the presidential elections so my investment and retirement accounts shot up positively in value. Time in the market is my favorite over timing the market. Dividend income is a great reason to stay long term in a position. Work hard, invest in dividend payers, and monitor the cash flow.

Buffett said in an interview he would rather have all the farmland in the US, 7 Exxon mobiles and a trillion dollars in walk around money vs. all the gold in the world (67 foot cube).

You can call me crazy, but I to agree with him.

Late with this post, but nevertheless here are my numbers.

CHECKING $1,221.52
SAVING $12,700.00
BROKERAGE $16,742.76
401K $7,698.42
TOTAL $38,362.70

2 thoughts on “Net Worth – November 2016”

    1. Hey IH,

      Hope all is well. I’d say a good 25% came from cap appreciation from investment/retirement accts, other 75 came from a really high savings rate from my labor hours/salary. I have been working a good amount of overtime being that it’s year end which adds a bit of power to the paycheck.

      It’s kind of insane how this market has been acting in my opinion lol. The correction (if there ever is one..) should be just another great opportunity for us longs.

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