Net Worth – September 2016

Hello World,

Every month, I will post my personal net worth. September was rough. One of my best friends passed away. This is the 3rd really close friend to pass away in 6 short years. They say death comes in 3’s. I guess it’s right on the money in my world.

What’s crazy is a couple nights before his passing, my parents paid me back 5K out of the 20+ I helped them with. I was on cloud 9 and then the worst happened.

Weird how the world works that way.

I am still looking for that condo. Building up cash so I slowed the process down a bit. Goal is to be close to purchasing the unit by year end.

As usual, persistent consistency is key to this world. A strong routine mixed with a burning desire to succeed will build a man to his ultima. I imagine one thing. What if my whole family and everyone else I knew passed away tomorrow? All I have is me or me with my future spouse & future child? Who is going to help me? Who is going to help us? My generation thinks they’re going to live forever. We are only getting older as time moves forward. This is why I am starting not to care what others think of me. This is why I always stayed true to myself. It’s because I know in my heart what I do everyday for our world and it’s people has a rippling effect. Negatives may be thrown my way, but long term the trend is positive. Work keeps me humbled. And with a light heart I know I can go a long way. I have to help myself by working every single day and being disciplined with my income. The outcome is the income. The income is the outcome.

Anyways, thank you freedom fighters for stopping by and following the journey. What a crazy 6 months it’s been since I started this. I truly enjoy being a long term dividend growth investor. The value that’s derived out of these type of portfolios are truly a thing of beauty. Going to keep it on auto pilot for years to come *fingers crossed*.

CHECKING $1,470.28
SAVING $13,504.14
BROKERAGE $12,505.76
401K $6,309.46
TOTAL $33,789.64

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    1. Thank you for the condolences MrSLM. & yes thank you again! my folks wouldn’t accept NO for an answer when they gave me the 5K. They insisted on paying me back. My parents are truly hard workers who work even harder to keep their promises. I have had a great example to look up to.

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