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About Me

Hello World & Welcome,

Ever since I was a child, I always had an obsessive knack for working & earning my way through this beautiful life. I took gratification in delaying my gratification! I always loved mathematics and strategy based video games. I knew how to save gold, preserve manna, and build a strong empire. To this day, I love the concept of treating this life of ours like an RPG (Role Playing Game), where I must gain experience throughout this journey to level up in life so I can increase my strength/wealth/wisdom/etc…

As a teen, the gratification became instant instead of delayed. I partied and wasted a lot of my life away with my close friends. In the suburbs, there wasn’t much to do besides party. My best friend since 2nd grade got deep into heavy drugs and sadly overdosed at 21 years of age. This was in 10. That forever changed my outlook on my future. His death was unfortunately my motive to start working hard for my future.

I worked, saved and got my college degree. Yet, every time I started to get the ball rolling, something unfortunate came around and made it all disappear. My parents & a couple close friends of mine had a really rough time from 11-13. I saved and gave everything I made. This happened for 3 years consistently. I would work long hours, preserve, build and help them all get out of debt. My three brothers were to young to work, and so preoccupied with school, that I was my parents only well with water they can get from. My friends to this day thank me at least once a year.

Beginning of 14, after taking a deep look at myself, repeating the same days over and over again, I asked myself.. Is this it? Is this all that I have left? Work & play, repeat 60 years? I started looking into the market and decided to buy a media company that I could constantly throw leftover funds into. Eventually it grew; also paying me back dividends as a bonus. Then 15 came around, and again, I lost my track.

I had great success investing using this methodology; building a strong position by dollar cost averaging and letting the investment ride for the long term. I was doing well and it was the start of a great performing portfolio. Then the worst happened. Another close friend of mine passed away the same way my best friend passed in 10.. Drug overdose. Went to his funeral and cried the whole time. Couldn’t believe it. Life is too precious. I started getting a ton of anxiety from the thought of all my friends passing so young, thinking that life was extremely short. Then I got greedy.. Thinking.. After all the money I gave to help my parents & friends out, my two best friends passing away so young, there has to be a different way to make it all back faster, and using this dollar cost average strategy was a sure shot, I was actually progressing, but I felt at the time it took way to long!

So what did I do? I looked at day traders showing off their fast profits and thought let me give it a shot. I lost it all in four months. What took one year to build, was gone in less than four months. Summer of 15. The worst trade in August wiped out close to 50% of my portfolio in only a few minutes. I was able to leave the table with $10K, only for my parents 2 months later to need it to finally get rid of all their dues. I gave it to them with tears in my eyes & fortunately things have now turned around in their favor, I am so happy that I saved them so they can finally live well, but I was left with absolutely no financials besides my 401-K.

That’s why I am here.

I was so drained in the fall/winter of 15, lost two of my best friends to overdoses, I was constantly badgering/antagonizing myself into mental oblivion, literally felt like my body & mind were not there anymore. I was drowning in negative thought and felt there was no escape. I didn’t know my purpose in this world anymore. Is this really paying your dues? I was destroyed, finally I said enough is enough, I have to treat myself right. I have to do what I did prior to the greediness. It may sound cliché, but the New Year of 16 made me want to think NEW again! I knew what would propel me to higher heights.


I found my calling. It’s passive investing. It’s the dividend machine. It’s having money work for me instead of working for it. It’s building a portfolio with 20-30 solid companies that pay back their shareholders either quarterly or monthly. I did great in 13-14 doing that with just one company. It’s time to be great again, this time with a machine that can change my families future and my future families future.

I am 26 now, I have three years to go till I am 30.

No excuses. Let’s get to work!



Which path will I choose?

Finally made it to the blog world! This will be my outlet. Let’s plug in.

I come from a working class family; 1st generation American is what I am. My parents came from a different country, migrated here, worked hard together, saved diligently, started a small restaurant and it’s been striving ever since.

Which brings me back to this blog and what it’s all about. It’s about the above.. My family. They work, and I mean.. WORK! For 30 years, my parents have successfully raised 4 boys in a middle class neighborhood by owning, literally.. A mom and pop business. They are the epitome of hard work. Consistently at the shop putting in their hours & paying their dues. Which again brings me back to this blog and what it’s all about.

This blog is my hustle..

I am an Accountant; graduated with an accounting degree.
I work at a firm earning $50,000.00 annum.


-Best friend passes away from a drug overdose : 10
-Close friends & parents need a helping hand (-$20k, large % of my cash savings from 1st year of career) : 11-13
-Started investing (+$18k) in stock market : 13-14
-Lost it all (-$17k) day trading & helping parents again (-$10K), another close friend passes away from a heroin overdose : 15

My parents & friends are financially stable, my 2 best friends are in my heart forever, I was a fool for fast money, now I am in the hole. I finally paid back all my personal debts, I am literally at SQUARE 1 or to be more accurate SQUARE 0. 26 years of age. Barely any assets, no liabilities, barely any equity. Thankful for my retirement account my work provides, otherwise I would have nothing. Net worth: ZIP!

Welcome to millionaireormediocre.com, a personal finance blog where I document my progress to either becoming a millionaire or settling for mediocrity. See the about me section for more detail on who I am and why I ultimately started this website.

Enjoy and follow me on my path..

I refuse to lose.